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Steven Sears the disbarred attorney who is located at 18 Truman in Irvine. Steven Sears is Nevine/Nina Carmelle/Tadrous' ex.

Refer to article was published on February of 2007.

Steven Sears NEVER stopped ripping people off even after he got disbarred - refer to note Sears placed one of his las vegas addresses in the state bar website to fool people and conceal his disbarment.

Nevine/Nina Carmelle has had and still have Criminal and Civil Restraining orders since she left him back in 2006.

Steven Sears was convicted of domestic violence upon Nevine Carmelle. refer to Orange County Superior court. His conviction documents will be uploaded.

Steven Sears's abuse upon Nevine/Nina Carmelle hasn't ended by his conviction.

Steven Sears has been postings false vicious disgusting online statements to destroy her name.

Once again Nevine Carmelle NEVER cave in to his constant abuse. She filed police reports.

Sure enough -see attached- Irvine police investigations revealed that the BAD NEGATIVE reviews including her "supposedly" rebuttals were traced to her obsessed scorn ex Steven Sears' building, website domain name and to his computers. After they seized his computers they arrested him on September 18, 2013 in Family Lamoreaux Court in Orange.

Orange County District Attorney filed 6 Felonies and 9 Misdemeanors against Steven Sears and Placed several Criminal Restraining Orders against Steven Sears to protect the VICTIM NEVINE?NINA CARMELLE.

Check all attached verified court records. Not Just bogus nonsense like what Sears is doing to Ms. Carmelle.

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